By - Julio Medina

How can you entertain people on Instagram?

Instagram is a place where people come from many different aspects of life and therefore show interest in their particular field. Hence, there are consumers for all types of content. Some of the most popular types of content on Instagram are humour, sports, fashion and lifestyle. That’s why people who post relevant, fresh and timely content usually find it easy to entertain their followers. This is because essentially having a percentage of engagement allows you to have a clear picture of how people enjoy your content. The more comments, likes and views a profile gets on its content, the better engagement it has.

These are just some of the ways to learn about Instagram’s algorithm. But to learn more about Instagram, using applications such as Instagram Insight, Keyholes, etc., is one of the best variants to develop your account.

Below are some of the things to know to entertain people on Instagram better:

Understand your analytics

Having a clear understanding of the profile and performing allows you to understand what type of action plan is required. If a profile performs well in proportion to its following, then you need to keep doing the previous actions. But if a profile is underperforming, it’s important to determine the reasons behind the struggling analytics. This involves the quality of content, timing of posts and the spreading the idea. If some of these things are missing and not performing well, then it can be a reason for underperforming a profile.

Understand your audience

Using analytics, you need to understand the type of audience you have. Many tech influencers have a following who not necessarily have an interest in technology rather, and they prefer to view their content only on their liking. Hence, having a better view of what type of audience you have allows you to know what kind of content is required from a particular profile. Therefore if the profile becomes successful in providing what is needed and increases engagement, it, ultimately, will have more followers. The audience characteristics include age, gender, interest and education. These are some factors that help you to understand how you can entertain your audience.

Supplementary factors

Many additional factors are essential for you to entertain your audience better. For instance, people who post content after long gaps get less engagement. Many find new content and different pages that entertain them with new material on the regular. Hence it is essential to keep a daily routine of posting something to keep the engagement intact. Being friendly with your people through voting and questions allows your engagement with them through a direct link. Captions are often catchy and will enable you to drop subtle hints to keep people anxious. Lastly, tagging people allows you to significantly increase your engagement and, therefore, let you better entertain people.