By - Julio Medina

How Much Is Parking At Bellingham Airport? Find out here!

Bellingham Airport is the third-largest airport present in Washington. The airport has been expanded various times since its formation in 1940. It provides an entrance into the city Bellingham which is a part of Washington. It may also be used as an alternative to the Vancouver International Airport as it is present in the proximal area. The airport carries out a large number of flights on which hundreds and thousands of people board every day. It is built in order to cater to the large number of people that visit it every single day. 

Bellingham Airport Parking Fee

Bellingham airport parking is divided into two main parking lots. The Economy A parking lot is the nearest to the terminal and is functional 24/7. It is very convenient, reliable and does not require any prior reservation. However, in order to opt for long-term parking, you are required to inform the airport management beforehand. You may need to park near the airport or in Bellingham city. Car parking garages are available everywhere for your ease. However, the prices of airport parking are explained as follows: 

If you chose to park in the main and front terminal, you will be charged $1 for the first 30-60 minutes whereas, for a full day, you will only be charged $12. In case you park your car off the site, you will be charged a minimum of $2 per day only. The airport emphasizes a smooth travel experience without having to pay a large amount of parking fee each time you arrive or leave from the airport. The Bellingham airport charges a fee which is lesser than what other famous airports would charge you, as they would make sure they charge the travelers a hefty amount.


The Bellingham airport is thus one of the most important airports in Washington as it contains flights from different cities and it enables travelers to be provided with ultimate comfort and ease. The Bellingham city caters to the travelers and provides them with a safe place to reside as they wait for their flights. The parking fee of the airport is also less in an amount to encourage people to travel more and comfortably park their cars in the area. The government officials have made it their priority to arrange parking space outside the airport parking as well so the people are able to park their cars in small parking lots near the airport, outside the city. Airports are the basic arena from where people come and go, and it is imperative to make sure that the conditions of the airport make them feel stress-free and not distressed. Finding a suitable parking spot may become very exhausting and even before an individual has boarded his flight, he may begin to feel ridden with anxiety and stress. Thus the Bellingham airport sounds to be a sight for sore eyes!