By - Julio Medina

How to Use Instagram Hashtags Correctly?

Hashtags have the potential to make or ruin your social media marketing efforts, especially on Instagram, where users leverage the feature regularly. However, if you use hashtags correctly, more users who could be fascinated by your content or the activities of your brand business will notice your posts and get actively engaged with your account.

In contrast, if you choose the incorrect hashtag, you risk losing your following and making your content rank lower as per Instagram’s algorithm, opposite to gaining Instagram followers. This makes hashtags have all the potential to be useful for your account, but only if you know how they function and have a plan for using them.

Understanding hashtags

Incorporating a hashtag into a story or other content is one of the best ways to use Instagram stories to get more followers. Hashtags are a sequence of characters that may include emojis, numbers, or letters and are prefixed with the sign #. They classify information in a manner that makes it easier to find users with similar interests or who belong to the same industry.

It’s possible to navigate on hashtags. If you tap on the hashtag that is added to a post or search using a specific hashtag on the platform, you will be sent to a screen that displays all of the content labeled with that particular hashtag.

The reasons to use hashtags

Spreading your content with relevant hashtags on the platform is a crucial step in reaching a wider audience. Including a hashtag will make your content more visible to like-minded people on Instagram and will also be displayed on the page dedicated to that particular hashtag. Many users follow certain hashtags in addition to unique content to always stay connected to a specific topic or set of people on the platform. This makes it essential to incorporate an industry-specific hashtag into your posts.

Gather a community

They are also seen as an effective means of creating a community that will encourage users to interact with people related to their activities and interests. Many bands leverage the feature to gather a community; for instance, sports brands such as Adidas and Nike use hashtags to target a specific class of users to their content.

Different types of tags

Hashtags for products or services: They are simple terms like #smartphone or “diving bar” that define what you’re offering.

The tags related to your niche: These are more niche-specific and demonstrate your place within the larger framework of your business.

Trending hashtags every day: There are several hashtags for every day of the week, beginning with a hashtag using the word “Monday” and ending with a hashtag with “Sunday” incorporated into the posts.

Hashtags related to industry:  There are elaborate communities present on the platform, consisting of people having a shared interest or mindset. Utilizing these hashtags can aid your account in joining these people who are related to your activities.

After reading this article, you hopefully have a better understanding of hashtags and how using the feature could be beneficial for your account on Instagram.