By - Julio Medina

Is Adidas Better than Puma?

There is a contrast between the major German sportswear brands. Adidas and Puma. The two brands have witnessed an increase in popularity globally. Although Adidas enjoys a competitive advantage when compared to Puma due to the provision of high-quality services and various stylish products.

Puma and Adidas are the two main German Brands majoring in sports garments. These brands are well known and trusted and this can be shown through an increased number of the sports club and sportspeople who are using the services of these brands in order to enhance the performance of their respective sports. They also provide a variety of various products such as leisure wear as well as leisure footwear for all types of people that is men, women, and children. The Puma and Adidas brands are associated with celebrities and that why those wearing these brands feel them as a sign of status symbol. Even though their headquarters are situated in Germany, both companies have wide market coverage globally, in the presence of effective marketing and constant product research and improvement.

Adidas is one of the world’s amazing brands as far as sports garments are concerned and this has been proofed by the huge number of football clubs using these brands. Adidas has been used in sponsoring various elite clubs who have won the UEFA Champions League for a couple of times. Adidas limited edition shoes are the latest products to be launched by this sports company.

The main reason as to why sports people opt for Adidas is due to the quality of the products they offer. Most of their products are well suited to meet the requirements of the sportspeople. It has a wide variety of options for people to choose the product of their choice. Its products are utilized in various types of sports such as tennis, football, skateboarding and many other kinds of sports.

One of the main disadvantages of Adidas is that its products come with a hefty price although they are a reflection of the quality of services they provide. Sometimes the brand name contributes to a rise in prices. Adidas is linked with wealthy football clubs and this what makes this brand expensive.


Puma is also another major brand in the sports industry. The brand is used in more than 80 countries. In terms of sponsoring top clubs, Adidas is the leading company in the industry. Adidas is also sponsoring shirts of various elite clubs, unlike the Puma which is not associated with major clubs. The Puma strength is found on the brand name as well as the nature of its products. Most of the Puma products are highly used in Africa and the American continents. Its shoes are of high quality and are customized to suit the needs of its users. The shoes offer comfort, fitting as well as ventilation.

Puma uses the latest development technologies to design its products and enable it, clients, to distinguish their products from counterfeits.

The above are some of the reasons why Adidas has more customer base when compared to Puma. Adidas products are of better quality when compared to Puma and this what gives them a competitive edge.