By - Julio Medina

Food Theory: How Does KFC Protect Its Secret Recipe?

The service industry is one of the most competitive areas in the current market. Companies are always looking to how to provide the best quality food and beverages and beat the competition. The way companies have been able to do this is by protecting their secret recipes and trade secrets. When it comes to secret recipes, it doesn’t get any better than KFC. With its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, KFC is one of the largest fast-food restaurants with outlets across the United States and abroad. The key to their success is with no doubt their chicken. And as you might have guessed, the recipe is known only to a chosen few. New companies seeking to enter the food industry might learn a thing or two from how KFC has protected its secret recipes. Keep reading and find out more on the same. And in case you want to help KFC maintain its position as the leading fast-food restaurant, you can offer your sentiments and comments by filling the KFC survey here.… Read more “Food Theory: How Does KFC Protect Its Secret Recipe?”