By - Julio Medina

The World’s Lightest Safety Shoes

Footwear is a very important part of a person’s overall look. Perhaps people spend the most amount of time and resources on getting the best pair of shoes for them. It is indeed true that different types of shoes are required for different occasions and functions. Since people are so spoiled for choice when it comes to footwear, they have a hard time deciding what is best for them. Safety shoes, for instance, are the shoes that are in high demand because of their durability and functionality. However, not everyone should wear safety shoes since they are designed for specific purposes. Here we will talk about safety shoes, their functionality, and purpose and also discuss in detail the world’s lightest safety shoes.

What are Safety Shoes?

Before moving on and discussing some of the most lightweight safety shoes available in the market today, one should have enough knowledge to know what safety shoes exactly are. Safety shoes are also known as steel-toe boots and as the name suggests, they are very hard, tough, and durable. Due to this, safety shoes are used for specific work-related purposes. For people who work on construction sites and other places where footwear might become dirty and might wear off, safety shoes are the best option to avail. Safety shoes are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, one must keep in mind that if a person’s work requires footwear that is made for tough conditions and can keep in shape under pressure, it is best to opt for safety shoes.

Lightest Safety Shoes

Since safety shoes are usually very tough and contain a steel covered toe area, they are very heavy to wear as well. Due to this, people usually prefer wearing safety shoes that are both durable and lightweight. Lightweight shoes are in demand because they help in commuting and make walking and working very easy and convenient.

Here is a look at the world’s lightest safety shoes.

Ninja Ultralight

The Ninja Ultralight safety shoes are the world’s lightest safety shoes with a very rough steel toe cap. The shoes are made of waterproof and mud-proof cloth that helps keep out all the stains and remain clean while you work in rough and tough conditions. The materials used in the shoe is so fine that it hardly adds to the overall weight of the product. The Ninja Ultralight only weighs about 0.65 ounces, which is very light considering the functionality of the shoes.  Despite most safety shoes are incredibly heavy and therefore become very difficult to walk in, the Ninja Ultralight provides a good solution to all the commute related problems especially for the working class. According to this, the workers can rest assured that they get the dirty work done in super quick time. The all-in-one shoe is not only light but also extremely pleasing to look at. The design is super compatible and very sleek. The Ninja Ultralights can be bought from local retailers and also online for a fee in the range of $70 – $75.