By - Julio Medina

Ways You Can Increase Patient Retention Using Appointment Reminders

Everyone wants to feel special because most of the world out there is extremely harsh. In medical practice, you can not practically use your skills if you do not have a consistent clientele. Patient retention is all about the fact your current patients choose your clinic staff or service every time they need professional medical advice and consider your services as the thing beyond compare. It is about standing out. One of the surest ways to reach this is to entail communication in your practice. When we say communication, we are talking about the kind of sympathy and empathy shown by you or your staff during an appointment. The hugest mistake you can make is to create an association with a cold human connection within your company. This is where it is just routinely a simple treatment, and that’s all.

A better method is to use a doctor appointment reminder system. This can play a key role in very competitive fields, like dentistry. However, possessing these patient retention tools is not enough. You will need to take massive action to maintain the number of clients who care about your service. The following are the ways you can use to retain patients:

Tailored communication

The demographics change a lot. You will be dealing with all kinds of people. You will get in touch with creative artists, youngsters, old people, middle-aged people, and humans of different personalities and work schedules. As you have an automated appointment reminder by your side, you should tailor your communication in a way that suits their preferences. For example, before engaging with busy clients ask them what their typical day looks like or how does free time pop out in their week. Also, try to understand their common ways of communication and try to use this information most often. For keeping in touch with your client you may apply streams like email, text, audio, video, or a personal landline.

Effective use of reminders

Appointment reminders are meant to cause a wonderful effect on the patient. That way, you can reduce the number of no-shows and increase the positive feedback you will receive from your clients. Reminders should be done in the right way. You can employ the following tips to increase chances of patient retention:

  • Send more than one reminder. This includes notifications to your favor
  • Be clear about the terms, conditions, and rules of your company. This means that you should enforce straightforward writing
  • Remind your clients one week prior
  • Automate reminders. You can navigate through the app features and see if you can schedule the process of sending your reminders. This will help you avoid wasting a lot of time repeating the same thing over and over.

The Follow-up

We all know that we are emotional beings and tend to give our view on what we have experienced. The best way to understand what your patient has to say about your appointments is to follow up. Whether good or bad, listen and learn as you plan on what to work on. This will eliminate guesswork from your practice and will make sure you guard your reputation by all means. You can also encourage your patients to share comments and reviews on social media to make your other patients talk about your services.