By - Julio Medina

What if the Other Party Lies on a Car Accident Report?

Car accidents due to the other parties’ negligence can lead to severe injuries and damages that can cost a person a significant sum of money. According to the NY Police Department, 7456 people have been involved in a car accident in only a month. These accidents may hurt not only the driver but also the passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians nearby. Suppose one of the parties exaggerates or lies on a report instead of acting with integrity. In that case, it can worsen the situation by making it difficult to recognize the party at fault. Lying, distorting, or fabricating the events for one’s favor is a criminal offense. The party responsible for the damage must pay the compensatory amount asked by the affected party; therefore, the incident must be reported so that the standard set of action can be taken and the matter is resolved. To prevent fabrication and suffer further loss, one must take action before things get out of hand, like filing a police report, collecting proper evidence, and hiring an attorney from a law firm as experienced as Jae Lee Law (Fort Lee). The table below mentions the number of car accidents, injuries, and deaths in New York State in three years.   Source: (Lever and Ecker, 2019)

Collecting Ample Evidence

Insurance company agent writing car damage report with driver after accident

It is essential to collect ample evidence in pictures of the damages caused by the accident and the accident’s place, if possible. The damages done to both the cars must also be captured. It isn’t likely to control how the other part may tell the story, but control one’s actions at their disposal. Moreover, you must prepare your witnesses well and make them available at the given time of hearing in front of the judge.

Police Report

It is as essential to file a police report as it is to collect ample evidence. It is a requisite, even if the police are not present at the scene of an accident to avoid inconvenience. Reporting details, statements, and mentioning the negligent party to the police can benefit you. It is considered necessary while considering the misreporting such an incident is a criminal offense, and the expectations can reverse due to minor negligence.

Contacting a Law Firm

It is a sagacious decision to contact a Law Firm such as Jae Lee Law (Fort Lee), which deals with such incidents, provides personal injury solutions, and helps the affected party collect damages from the negligent party by proving their negligence. As one maybe in a state of shock so they may not be able to think wisely. Hence, it is better to let the experts deal with it as they are aware of the state’s laws and have enough experience to collect ample evidence that one may not access, such as surveillance of traffic cameras. Expert lawyers will help you not only to resolve the conflict or case but will also help you to get compensation from the guilty party. So do not rely only on your own two hands, the sooner you contact a professional, the easier it will be to solve the problem.