By - Julio Medina

What is the Success Rate of Physical Therapy?

A physical therapist can provide a treatment that is not a part of your, for example, routine podiatric care for plantar heel pain (PHP) but it can provide you additional benefits. The physical therapy is used with a combination of exercises such as active exercises, postural, stretching, and therapy exercises. The success rate of physical therapy is about 60%, but it also depends on the patient. The patient’s willingness to perform all doctor’s tasks is considered one of the most important elements and is essential in order to make the surgery work and the patient to recover way faster.
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Success Stories

Here are some success stories of physical therapy:

A patient learning how to walk again:

The patient, Mark had been hit by the bus which resulted in a number of fractured bones. When his doctor Amy met him, he was in a wheelchair bounded with both legs cast and living in the hospital bed in his house. Now, the session begins and his therapist begins with exercises so that he can bear some weight on his legs. And after two months of exercise he can bear some weight through his legs, can walk with the help of a walker for around 30 seconds, and even go to the restroom on his own. Remarkably, after the vigilant physical therapy by Amy, Mark was able to walk consistently with the help of his walker after few months which gradually made him move towards crutches and then to the single-handed cane and also inculcated and improved his ability to stand for 10 minutes straight. After two years of hard work, Mark goes to the gym, does his treadmill and routine exercise, and is married to a beautiful woman and lives a normal life with his constant sessions with Amy.

A solution which finally worked:

Many people suffer from different pains and have tried a number of different methods in order to get relief from the pains. A story of Dr. Tod explains how he met the patient who was suffering from chronic lower back pain. After the consultation with Dr. Tod, proper training sessions were conducted as well as behavioral modification sessions. After cooperating daily with the doctor, the patient started experiencing relief from his pain. Dr. Tod taught his patient how to sit in a perfect posture in order to avoid pain in the future and also helped him in learning the proper sleeping position that can greatly impact the spine health. A number of home exercise programs were taught that empowered the patient enough to self-manage the physical therapy.


If you or anyone from your circle is going through pain, then physical therapy is the best thing that can help you but it doesn’t give you instant relief because you have to do all the various exercises in order to live a better healthier life. It allows you to feel much better after some sessions!