By - Julio Medina

What Is Vegan Ice Cream Made From?

Did you ever think in your wildest dream that ice cream can be vegan too? If you are a person who loves ice cream but never opts for it because you are on a diet, then vegan ice cream is a go-to option for you. The good thing is that many brands are offering it, so there are several options to choose from. If you are on the lookout for top-notch brands offering vegan ice cream, feel free to head over to

What is it made up of?

To answer this question, one must first think about what conventional ice cream is made of. The traditional ice cream that we eat comprises milk. However, vegan ice cream is made of plant-based milk. Now, this milk can range from almonds to soy to coconut. Ice cream lovers are crazy after this delicious treat because the rich taste of ice cream is from the milk fat. Now you must be wondering how vegan ice cream can have an exquisite taste. Well, not surprisingly, non-dairy ice cream uses plant-based milk, which has a substantial amount of fat. This is how vegan ice cream gets that rich fatty flavour. Toplistbrands has got you covered as it offers as many healthy options as you can imagine.

Vegan is a term that means that the product should be plant-based. The categorized vegan items do not contain any animal product. Do not get confused. Some ice creams are called vegan but are not vegan. Take the example of an ice cream that is made of coconut milk but contains eggs. Will you consider it vegan? The answer is no. This is because the eggs can never be regarded as vegan in any way. There is another essential thing to consider. All vegan ice creams can be deemed dairy-free; however, not all dairy-free ice creams can be considered vegan. If you are strictly a vegan, make sure that you check the label and ensure that it should contain only plant-based ingredients. Vegan ice cream is available in many flavours such as caramel, cheery, chocolate fudge, coffee caramel, cookies, vanilla peanut butter, Oreo cookies, cream, mocha chocolate, coconut caramel, etc. The list will go on and on, but the variety in the flavours will never end.

Is Peanut butter ice cream vegan?

Many people love peanut butter, and there is no exception that vegans love it too. However, the real question is that is every type of peanut butter ice cream vegan? The answer is no. Most of them are, but some are not. How do we determine which one is vegan? Peanut butter ice cream, which contains peanuts, plant-based oil, and salts, is strictly vegan. 

In a nutshell, vegans may have fun with all the flavours that food items offer. The good news for them is that non-dairy ice creams are now strictly made of plant-based items. This means no cows are harmed in this process. This ice cream is purely dairy free and has the conventional rich, fatty ice cream flavour. Thankfully, vegan ice cream is available in as many flavours as you can think.