By - Julio Medina

Which size chef knife is best?

It is no doubt that for any professional chef, a chef’s knife is the best partner in the kitchen. In fact, many consider it as their favorite of all the cutleries. Having a tool for work that not only brings comfort but also pleasure while doing your routine duties is probably the best feeling ever. It is exactly what anyone needs to deliver top-quality, and for chefs, with an ideal chef knife, they treat their customers to irresistible mouthwatering dishes. While knives drastically vary based on their lengths, thickness, and perhaps breadth, the question is, which is the best size for a chef knife?  Here are a few tips to nudge you in the right direction.

Length of the knife

Every chef has a favorite size that they consider ideal depending on the frequency and type of chopping they do. Despite these differences, some lengths of knives are far too common among many experts making them a classic recommendation. For instance, the 8” knife blades are highly associated with versatility. Most experts consider them the ideal tools for both home and mild commercial chef tasks. However, the 10” – 13” Kamikoto blades are much more suited for bulky cutting and slicing. When dealing with smaller ingredients, it is advisable to use knives in the range of 6”- 8” as they offer you more agility and perfection in what you do.

How does it feel to handle?

Chef knives come in different weights for various purposes. The weight that you choose is largely depended on how well you can handle them, making it critical to always feel the knife in your arm before buying one. While this is true, a hefty chef knife will always far outdo the rest because it falls through what you want to slice with ease. However, that does not beat the skillfulness you can exploit while using a much lighter chef knife. What you need to do is to go for a knife that brings a balance of both in your hand. The wide range of Kamikotoknives purposefully exists to satisfy this need among chefs. 

The breadth of your knife

Most chef knives are multipurpose being used in light chopping to heavy slicing ad cutting of large briskets and other ingredients. The breadth of a chef’s knife, in this case, is critical. For instance, you want one wide enough to help you hold significant amount of your fine cuts into a bowl. The relatively wide side also gives you some freedom to safely place your finger whenever more force is needed in your line of duty. Such flexibility and ease to maneuver while using the knife is what makes the breadth important. However, you don’t hand a really wide one so it becomes too bulky. A balance is always the key to what you really want.

We can all agree that there is never the right size chef knife for all professionals in the industry. The pick for each comes down to their personal preferences and likes. Despite this, take the highlighted points into consideration to guide you in making the right pick of your chef knife.