By - Julio Medina

Why You Should Consider Using Instagram Services Carefully

At times, life feels like a matter of chance, luck and involvement of a higher being. We almost are gambling with the resources we have to get those we don’t have. The trade of these automated processes and services on Instagram should be thought about keenly. Even though these tools can help you leverage and save on time, money and effort, they can prove to be extremely lethal. Some of the Instagram growth services promise the sun, moon and stars and deliver only a handful of clouds.

You will have to understand human nature. Not all people will seek to take your interests into account and some people even can forget about everything except themselves. So, the same is with various platforms and if you are not careful, the Instagram world will also work against you. Raise your antennae and know that you are handing out personal information on the internet (that is forever) to unknown people. That means you do not know their character, their reputation or track record. Nothing!

Therefore, before you commit yourself to any sort of Instagram service, prioritize the following:

1. Do it for yourself

One of the best paradoxes you will ever hear from Scott Adams (an American artist and creator of comic strips) is that if you are not selfish, you are either a burden, or stupid. And that’s the whole list. When you are trying to reach out to an account manager, you are communicating something to your identity. You are saying “I’m not good enough to create content for my audience. Or I’m not smart enough to figure out what works and what doesn’t.”

It takes guts to move in the opposite direction and grow your Instagram account on your own. What I mean is adopting the mindset of a kid. A kid will do something because it’s fun, pleasurable and worthwhile. And that’s what should motivate you in growing and establishing your Instagram account.

2. Invest in an Instagram course

Instead of settling for a possible turn off from your audience by using bot-generated comments and hashtags (“like4like” or “follow for follow”) you can save up some money and pay for an Instagram course. This reduces the cases of having a vast audience where no one really cares about you. You can change this by educating yourself. This is a really invaluable asset not only for your Instagram platform but also for your life. Taking an Instagram course means that no one can ever take away the experience you have. You will learn how to integrate lessons and principles and apply them to your Instagram account.

In addition, with that said, you have to select the right course. If you don’t, you will waste money on buying tactics with no strategy.

Do your research

There is a lot of information on the internet. And it can be overwhelming once you find thousands of Instagram courses. The best point is to choose the appropriate stuff and learn from the greats and fluff off the unnecessary. You need to pick the micro from the macro. Here are ways you can strip down the unimportant from the important.

  • Available resources. The course creator may have a blog, podcast, YouTube channel or book that expands on knowledge of the Instagram account. You can utilize all the opportunities even with paying no money.
  • Credentials and testimonials. Do they create elite students? How much experience do they have in their niche? Do students experience results in what they consume and learn? You should wonder about all these things before choosing the right course.